The Healing Power of Green Tea

There are many forms of tea out there in the world but only one is considered as having the highest content of antioxidants available. The leaves from green tea are known as Camellia Sinensis. They undergo a thorough process of oxidation to ensure that it puts out the best properties on to your tea. Green tea has been widely used in Asian countries especially in Japan, China, Thailand and Korea. In China, the history of green tea was written during the Tang Dynasty. It has been a powerful healing drink for most of Asia for hundreds of years.

Healing Facts

According to most nutritionists, drinking green tea daily can help regulate your temperature, blood sugar, prevent swelling and hasten wound healing process. It also helps in good digestion. With its high content of antioxidants, green tea can also fight back against infections and disease. If you’re stressed out, it can help you relax. The most important thing about green tea is that it can relieve bloating and it can also protect the gallbladder and prevent it from forming gallstones or having cholelithiasis (inflammation of the gallbladder). It can also improve urinary function relieving urinary tract infections. It can also cure beriberi disease and quench thirst.

Family of Green Tea

  • Chinese Green tea – this type of green tea originates in the Hunan province. Some of the well-known types of green tea have come from China. They are: Silver Needle tea, Long Jing, Hui Ming, Long Ding, Hua Ding, King Ding and Gunpowder. The name of green teas has usually derived from temples and provinces in China. There are more than 30 types of green teas that can be found throughout China.
  • Japanese Green tea – The Japanese were introduced to Green Tea after the Chinese brought it to the land of the rising sun during the Song dynasty. It was commonly known as simply “tea”. The most expensive type of green tea in Japan is Gyokuro for its high count of antioxidants and other healthy properties. Other types of Japanese tea are: Kabusecha, Sencha, Tamaryokucha, Bancha, Kamairicha and Matcha. The best Japanese green tea is said to be that from the Yame (八女 yame?) region of Fukuoka Prefecture and the Uji region of Kyoto. There are more than a dozen varieties of Japanese green tea.

Where To Buy?


Just remember that green tea is the safest and healthiest type of tea you can buy! It is good for the body, but especially good for protecting your digestive system and your gallbladder.

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