Interesting Facts About The Gallbladder

Facts About The Gallbladder

Size and Shape– The gallbladder is approximately 7 to 10 cm long and 3 cm in maximum width. It can hold 30 to 50 ml of bile, fats and other liquids. The shape of the gallbladder is like that of a deflated balloon (pear-shaped) with three sections known as the fundus, the body and the neck.

Location – The gallbladder lies just below the liver on the right side. It is connected to the liver by the hepatic duct.

Function – The main function of the gallbladder is to store any excess amount of bile coming from the liver. It does this by gathering the leaked bile into its pouch. The color of bile is usually green and is composed of cholesterol, bile salts and bile pigments. To digest hard foods like greasy or spicy meals, the gallbladder will release stored bile to help digest any excess fats. Unfortunately, the gallbladder doesn’t release bile easily. It needs to be triggered by a hormone known as cholecystokinin. Once it receives a signal from this hormone, the bile will be excreted and the process of breaking down fats will commence. If a person keeps eating fatty foods, the cholesterol level increases which may block the bile ducts and harm the gallbladder. Over time, this will eventually form gallstones which can be very painful. The adult gallbladder can store bile up to 17 Oz. Bile also plays a very important role in the formation and consistency of human feces.

Inflammation and Irritation – An inflamed gallbladder is a bad sign. It is a warning that the gallbladder is in trouble. An irritated gallbladder will feel like an extreme abdominal pain on the right side of your abdomen. A person with gallstones needs not to be alarmed if they have 1 or two stones as they can be easily dissolved by a specific diet and certain medications. Those that begin to feel symptoms of irritability, irregular bowel movements or inflammation should seek a doctor immediately.

The gallstone was discovered by Gantile da Foligno in 1341 as he did post-mortem care of a cadaver that was brought to his morgue. He found that there were many stones in the gallbladder of various corpses.

Remember that without a gallbladder, the liver will be put under immense pressure. So try to eat healthy!

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  2. In my opinion the removal of gallbladder is a decision made too quickly and needs to be performed on fewer patients. Reason being patients are being led to believe the gallbladder is not needed or some way no good to the individual. Based on my personal evaluation of patients after removal of gallbladder getting sick because they needed the fuctions that goes with having a gallbladder. All I’m really trying to do is remind doctors that each patient are individuals and need to be treated appropriate and accordingly to there individual need. Remember one size does not fit all.

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