Friendly Dairy Products – Living Without A Gallbladder

Dairy products are known to be the highest source of calcium compared to most other foods out there, which makes one wonder why we don’t see them as healthy eating. For us, the answer is simple. The problem becomes when dairy products aggravate further intestinal problems as a result of not having a gallbladder. But it would be a shame to leave them just because of that. Recently, companies have produced certain dairy foods that are good for all types of people no matter what disorder or illness they may have. Low fat products are one of these such foods.


Dairy products with low fat content

  • Low fat and Skim Milk – This milk contains the lowest fats to make it easily digestible in the large and small intestines. According to USDA the risk of having gallbladder inflammation is lessen because this milk product contains 8g of protein per cup compared to whole milk which contains 8g of fats. Remember to avoid buying whole milk products at all times.
  • Soy Milk – this is considered a substitute to whole milk and other type of milk products because it doesn’t have the fats but includes tons of healthy properties. It has zero cholesterol, high quality fiber, a good natural source of B vitamins and high content of protein. Soy milk is also gluten free and casein free. Gluten and casein are an irritant to the gallbladder and the intestines.
  • Plain and non-fat yogurt – Certain yogurt contain live bacteria that is good for the tummy. This live bacteria will stay in the stomach and will help protect the large and small intestines and gallbladder. For example, La Yogurt. For more information on this, please read our article How Fat Free Yogurt Helps With Digestion
  • Cheese – Although considered the healthiest and quickest source of calcium, not all type of cheese are good for patients who have had their gallbladder removed or who may still have gallbladder problems. The types of cheese that you can buy are skim mozzarella, goat cheese, neufchatel cheese and low fat cream cheese. Cheese is not just good for the bones, but are also good for your heart, brain, liver and cartilage.

Before you choose any of the aforementioned dairy products, try to compare their nutrition facts especially the fat content, sugar and protein content to get the healthiest nutrients and avoid gallbladder irritation. Remember, every person’s body is different and will react differently to certain products. You need to know your body and what works best for you.


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