Foods to eat after gallbladder surgery

Tip: Also make sure to read my article on Foods to avoid when you don’t have a gallbladder to learn what you shouldn’t eat after a gallbladder surgery.

So you have just gotten your gallbladder removed and are not sure what foods to eat. Losing your gallbladder is not something you can recover from in a matter of days. It takes weeks, sometimes months, to recover from a gallbladder removal. In the worst cases, people may not recover at all and suffer for years from many complications and problems such as back-pain, nausea, fatigue and indigestion.


Chicken Broth
Your body is not ready to digest any hard or solid foods. You have to give it time to adapt to the new way your body works. If you eat any solid foods during the first few weeks after your gallbladder removal, you might feel nauseous and weak since your body is trying to use an organ that is not there anymore. Try to eat some chicken broth. It has worked wonders for dozens of people.


Papaya Juice

Your body needs a lot of vitamins right after a gallbladder removal and what better way to to get them than through a glass of delicious home-made fruit juice.

Papaya juice was one of my mother’s favorite drinks after having her gallbladder removed. Studies have shown that papaya, as well as melon, actually contain properties that lower your chances of getting gallbladder cancer. Those who find it almost impossible to digest anything frequently find that papaya used regularly, either in tablet or juice form, marks the turning point in the climb back to vitality and good health.

“Papaya is a good source of nutrients and some phyto-chemicals such as beta-cryptoxanthin and benzyl isothiocyanates. It is believed that these phytochemicals may offer benefits on certain chronic conditions such as cancers.”

You didn’t expect to see something like this here, did you?  Well, surprise surprise. Jello is actually very beneficial after a gallbladder surgery. The reason? It is not a solid. It is easily digestible and most importantly, it doesn’t have any seasonings or salts that might irritate your stomach lining.


Unless you’re lactose intolerant, drinking milk can actually help you in healing faster during your post-surgery days. Fat-free milk is preferable. Since you aren’t eaten any solids, you’re missing out on many necessary nutrients to help keep your body healthy. Milk is a good source of calcium. It can also help keep you strong and protect your bones. My mother used to drink soy milk all the time after her surgery and it helped her stay on her feet.

Got any more suggestions? What has worked for you?

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5 Responses to “Foods to eat after gallbladder surgery”

  1. Susan says:

    I do wish l had known l could have had my gall bladder stones removed by laser treatment rather than by having the gallbladder removed back in 1997. My diet is now hugely restrictive as l suffer from gastritis and l have a hiatus hernia and l have anaemia. My daughter bought me some Omega 3+ 6 +9 capsules so l took one with my oatmeal and fruit breakfast.After a short while l became violently ill and felt quite frightened.l had extreme belly pain and sleight sickness and diarrhoea. lt had happened once before when l had taken one of these capsules with my porridge breakfast but l did not realise it was the omega capsule that caused my distress.. each time l did not know how to cope with the extreme pain and feelings of hopelessness and distress even though l am used to getting diarrhoea if l eat some fruits vegetables or curry. Foods l have learned l can eat without pain are .. a small amount of rice..rice cakes..low fat spreads..Danish bread..low fat wheat crackers..skimmed milk..carrots and carrot juice..baked potatoes and roasted low fat chicken soup…but not a piece of chicken..l can eat a small portion of lean grilled beef…l cannot eat lamb or shell foods. l can only eat a tiny portion of tuna or white fish..l can eat non animal rennet jelly ‘jello’ and birds custard cooked with skimmed milk…and low fat rice puddings. l cannot eat yogurt’s unless they are very low fat or made from cornflour. l can tolerate the odd square of low fat chocolate and the odd light coffee.l can eat eggs I can also eat.. in small amounts ..blackberries blueberries and peaches. l can eat plenty of mango or mango juice and raspberry juice. I hope my experience will help others. Kindest regards to anyone without a gallbladder.

    • Charleen says:

      Susan sorry you are having so many problems. You should ask your doctor about Colestid. It helps me tremendously.

      • Susansands170 says:

        Thank you so much for that kind information..l have not heard of ‘Colested’ l will ask my doctor about this. Kindest Regards to you. Susan.

  2. E. Gresham says:

    I have had my gallbladder out 40 years ago but the last couple of years suffer from gas and diarrhea. What are the best foods to eat for this. OR is there something I can take for this. I seem to have excess bile. Stool usually green/yellow in color.

    Thank you

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