Foods to avoid: Coffee

Coffee is a good stress-relieving beverage that also contains antioxidants which can be as potent as those found in green tea. However, coffee is not a good drink for those who lack a functioning gallbladder.

Patients who have undergone gallbladder removal usually suffer from diarrhea more often than normal individuals. This results from the presence of free flowing bile that directly flows into the intestines which irritate the lining of the lower gastrointestinal tract.

Coffee is bad to these kinds of people because caffeine in itself is a natural intestinal irritant. When consumed, coffee may trigger diarrhea and may aggravate inflammation of the stomach walls.

Coffee contains adequate amounts of caffeine and this makes it deadly. Caffeine intake can lead to palpitation, CNS stimulation and intestinal irritation to those with no functional gallbladder. Brewed coffee contains about 140 to 200 mg of caffeine in every six ounces. Instant coffee contains 65 to 90 mg of caffeine and even decaffeinated coffee still contains up to 12 mg of caffeine. You may consider drinking decaf coffee, but that is still coffee.

Avoiding coffee altogether prevents further gastrointestinal discomfort. In addition, avoiding coffee prevents electrolyte imbalances that may happen when diarrhea occurs.

Outside its gastrointestinal effects, coffee may induce excessive urination because of its diuretic effect. This can intensify dehydration because along with the water lost through bowel movements, people also loose water through the bladder.

Coffee may be relaxing, but the effects may be reversed when it is taken by people who have lost their gallbladder. To avoid chronic diarrhea and other abdominal symptoms, it is best to stay away from coffee and other beverages containing caffeine.

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2 Responses to “Foods to avoid: Coffee”

  1. Olieus says:

    so now i can’t eat pizza, fried chicken wings,no coffee any more ,no cheese cake..please help me.

  2. Olieus says:

    even months after gallbladder surgery,i can’t the food mention…?

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