Cholacol: Digestive Supplement For Those Without A Gallbladder

Cholacol: A Digestive Supplement For Those Lacking A Gallbladder

Cholacol is an effective digestive supplement that can effectively help stop indigestion right in its tracks. Not only can it expel any unwanted fats from the body, but it can help absorb food and other nutrients that might otherwise not be absorbed because of a slow metabolism or lack of a gallbladder. In fact, this product is particularly manufactured for those who have removed their gallbladder through surgery. It should be noted that this product cannot cure and treat any other stomach related problems other than indigestion. It controls the activity of the stomach’s cells and helps absorb only the good fats, the dietary fats and helps keep a good healthy metabolism.

How It Works:

Cholacol contains highly concentrated bile salts which favors the fat metabolism process for people lacking in gallbladder because of surgery. Gallbladder is the main organ in our body that secrets bile for digestion of fats. When this organ is removed, then our digestion and our metabolism slows down and becomes messed up.

This product mainly does the job of blocking the unwanted fats from dissipating into human’s bloodstream; as a result, the non-dietary fats are sent out as waste. Another added advantage of this product is the increase in body weight and a healthy immune system. This is because the food will actually be absorbed correctly in your body as a result of using this product.

Ingredients of Cholacol:

Before buying any medical product, it is advisable to know what ingredients are contained and their function. If any of the ingredients are found to bring down another organ’s condition, then that product must be completely avoided.

Fortunately, Cholacol has no such contents such as diuretic or worse stimulants that could result in damaging of any other internal or external organ. Collinsonia – an anti-inflammation agent and Bovine Bile Salt – an extract from cow livers are the two main ingredients of Cholacol. The function of Collinsonia is to treat any intestinal related problem, helping stabilize the lining of the stomach, while Bovine Bile Salts treat the process of breaking the unwanted fats in food, treating indigestion directly and neutralizing bloating.

Though this product possesses good number of pros in it, it is purely meant for people who have removed their gallbladder through surgery. So, people with functioning gallbladders shouldn’t take this. It may cause more harm than good. They should not consider Cholacol as a weight reducing agent. It is always advisable to use this product after talking about it with your physician first.


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