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Suggestions For A Life Without A Gallbladder

When you’re living without a gallbladder, life can be tough. Diet is extremely important. Eating low-fat, high fiber, organic foods can help maintain your metabolism in check and increase your recovery. Don’t forget green leafy vegetables can also help. Eliminate refined carbohydrates and hydrogenated oils. You need to stay away from any potential meals that could trigger indigestion or inflammation.

Liver Flush – Every six months. People without gallbladders may develop stones in the liver which could lead to a sluggish liver.

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The Healing Power of Green Tea

There are many forms of tea out there in the world but only one is considered as having the highest content of antioxidants available. The leaves from green tea are known as Camellia Sinensis. They undergo a thorough process of oxidation to ensure that it puts out the best properties on to your tea. Green tea has been widely used in Asian countries especially in Japan, China, Thailand and Korea. In China, the history of green tea was written during the Tang Dynasty. It has been a powerful healing drink for most of Asia for hundreds of years.

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Herbal Drinks To Prevent Inflammation Of The Gallbladder

Inflammation of the gallbladder, and gallstones, is known as Cholelithiasis. This happens when the gallbladder is filled with “sand” or rocky pebbles.  You should take precautions and start a healthy diet to eliminate gallstones from forming. One of the ways you can do this is through herbal plants. These teas are natural supplements that are considered to be one of the safest ways to protect the gallbladder. No side effects have been reported by patients.

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The Wonders of Olive Oil to Health

The Wonders of Olive Oil to Health

From the Mediterranean comes a fruit that contains many health benefits to our body. Olive oil is produced through the extracting and grinding of the fruit known as olive. Contrary to popular belief, olive oil is not just used for cooking, it is also used for beauty products such as soaps and cosmetics. It is considered the healthiest and most affordable type of oil available because it has a low fat content under the category of monounsaturated fats. It is also easy to buy and can be stored at room temperature. Continue reading to learn about its numerous health benefits.

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Cholacol: Digestive Supplement For Those Without A Gallbladder

Cholacol: A Digestive Supplement For Those Lacking A Gallbladder

Cholacol is an effective digestive supplement that can effectively help stop indigestion right in its tracks. Not only can it expel any unwanted fats from the body, but it can help absorb food and other nutrients that might otherwise not be absorbed because of a slow metabolism or lack of a gallbladder. In fact, this product is particularly manufactured for those who have removed their gallbladder through surgery. It should be noted that this product cannot cure and treat any other stomach related problems other than indigestion. It controls the activity of the stomach’s cells and helps absorb only the good fats, the dietary fats and helps keep a good healthy metabolism.

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Benefits of Milk Thistle After Gallbladder Surgery

Milk Thistle after Gallbladder Removal Surgery

Milk Thistle, a plant, has been a favorite remedy for over 2000 years to deal with liver and gallbladder issues. It is an ideal herb because of its flavonoid substance called silymarin that when extracted becomes fundamental in helping the organs increase the potency of glutathione considerably. Glutathione is similar to amino acids, assisting in the detoxification of the liver and gallbladder.

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5 Natural Supplements, Remedies & Ways to Reduce Indigestion & Stomach Aches


5 Natural Supplements & Remedies For Indigestion

Knowing what supplements or vitamins to take is a good habit that you should form in order to stay healthy. There are literally dozens of great natural ways to avoid indigestion. What better way to treat stomach pain and cure your indigestion than with natural remedies? No side effects. No prescriptions necessary. Heck, some even taste good.

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10 Effective Herbal Remedies to Remove Gallbladder Stones

The gallbladder consists of various biological processes which help the body maintain a good digestive balance when consuming different foods. It does this by making a digestive liquid called bile which helps in breaking down fats and other hard-to-digest meals. When this fluid becomes hard, it builds up deposits in the form of tiny stones called gallbladder stones.

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