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Ox Bile Supplement

Have you heard of Ox Bile or Bovine Bile as a supplement? If not, you’re missing out on the many benefits that this natural remedy brings to those living without a gallbladder. Even if you’re not a firm believer in complimentary medicine, you should take a look at this incredible product. It really helps a lot in the digestion process of heavy foods, especially to those who have had their gallbladders removed.

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Liver Cleansing

Your liver is a very important part of your body. Its main function is to clean and keep toxins out of your blood. If it isn’t working properly, then you are sure to feel the effects. The liver regulates most chemical levels in the blood and excretes a product called bile, which helps carry away waste products from the liver. When we overeat or eat too many processed or fried foods, then our liver starts to get slow. However, there are different ways to cleanse the liver. The most effective way is by doing a natural liver cleansing. You can do this by simply eating one of the following foods daily and including them as part of your diet.

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Flavonoids & Antioxidants Information

Flavonoids are compounds of antioxidants found typically in cranberries, onions, celery and tea. Once you consume flavonoids, they can help stop the growth and reproduction of certain bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori. A recent study in 2003 showed that patients who suffered from gastritis and other stomach illnesses had a beneficial effect from consuming dark-colored berries. These berries all contained flavonoids. Flavonoids can help the mucous membrane of the stomach become stronger. By doing so, the stomach becomes more resistant to pain and digestive problems. It is also good for fighting back against gastritis.

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The Healing Power of Green Tea

There are many forms of tea out there in the world but only one is considered as having the highest content of antioxidants available. The leaves from green tea are known as Camellia Sinensis. They undergo a thorough process of oxidation to ensure that it puts out the best properties on to your tea. Green tea has been widely used in Asian countries especially in Japan, China, Thailand and Korea. In China, the history of green tea was written during the Tang Dynasty. It has been a powerful healing drink for most of Asia for hundreds of years.

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Friendly Dairy Products – Living Without A Gallbladder

Dairy products are known to be the highest source of calcium compared to most other foods out there, which makes one wonder why we don’t see them as healthy eating. For us, the answer is simple. The problem becomes when dairy products aggravate further intestinal problems as a result of not having a gallbladder. But it would be a shame to leave them just because of that. Recently, companies have produced certain dairy foods that are good for all types of people no matter what disorder or illness they may have. Low fat products are one of these such foods.

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Oatmeal – A Daily Source of Dietary Fiber

Oatmeal is one of the best high-fiber meals you can eat when you’ve removed your gallbladder.

Once you’ve started eating normally again after surgery (you primarily start with a full liquid diet until you can consume regular meals), you should begin a high-fiber diet to help move food through the intestine.

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Wheat – Harvesting the Benefits of Whole Grains

Wheat is a type of food regularly known as a whole grain. Whole grains provide lots of benefits to people without a gallbladder. In fact, wheat has become a popular weight loss product because it makes you full even without eating that much fat. Plus it prevents dumping of glucose in the blood. For people with no gallbladder, small frequent meals are necessary in order to reduce the burden or stress on the gastrointestinal system. The less food taken in, the less acid that will be needed to digest food. Wheat products such as wheat bread, wheat pasta and other wheat-based products tend to satisfy the acid churning inside the stomach, leading to reduced food consumption and thus less meals.

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How Fat-free Yogurt Helps With Digestion

Poor digestion leads to abdominal pain and discomfort and may even cause gastritis which further aggravates the intestine and stomach lining.

If you cannot digest food properly or feel as though it isn’t digesting properly, you may be right. You may be suffering from a condition called irritable bowel syndrome in which the food in your stomach doesn’t move and just rots inside your body. This is why you need extra help to digest the foods you eat. And that is exactly where probiotics come in to help.

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Foods to eat 7 days after gallbladder removal

The gallbladder is a fragile sack near the liver that acts as a storage tank for bile. It is usually removed due to the presence of gallstones, those small but sharp pebbles that accumulate after a bad diet or bad lifestyle. In fact, it is considered to be the most widespread problem that requires surgery within the United States. To date, more than 500,000 of these surgeries are performed on an annual basis. That’s an astonishing number of gallbladders being removed per year!

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10 Foods to Eat after Gallbladder Removal

10 Foods To Eat After Gallbladder Removal

The gallbladder has a significant role to perform in our body, but it is not essential for our survival. Gallbladder is responsible for breaking down fats in the body by acting as a storage tank for bile. Without the gallbladder, bile is directly released to the intestines from the liver. This can cause several severe problems.

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Sweet Potatoes – Filled with Nutrients & Vitamins – Beta-Carotene

Sweet potatoes are used in many dishes around the world because they add flavor and nutritional value to every meal. Sweet potatoes are exactly what their name describes. They’re sweet, usually orange in color, and shaped like a potato. You can cut them, bake them or steam them. Anything you can do to a potato, you can do to a sweet potato. But while a regular potato is usually dry and lacking in flavor, sweet potatoes are often moist and savory.

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Papaya – A Wonderful Life-Saving Fruit with Many Healthy Benefits!

When my mother couldn’t eat anything after her gallbladder got removed, Papaya was the only thing that helped her stay on her feet and recover quicker. It saved her life in fact because Papaya actually contains many healing properties that help the body recover after a traumatic experience such as a gallbladder surgery.

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Foods that do NOT irritate the gallbladder

What are some foods that do not irritate the gallbladder?

Easily digestible foods
You can pretty much eat anything that doesn’t have too many seasonings and is easy to digest. Losing your gallbladder means the digestive process has been altered so that bile is not being properly distributed throughout your digestive tract. For this reason, you might not be able to digest any greasy foods or fats quickly and thus eating such foods may cause indigestion and bloating. You should drink milk if you aren’t lactose intolerant and lots of water. Home-made fruit juice may also help and it also carries large amounts of necessary vitamins that your body needs to stay strong.  Soup, or more specifically Chicken Broth, can also help you stay on your feet while your body adapts to not having a gallbladder.

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